Get Ready For Making Tax Digital - The End Of The Annual Tax Return!

Get ready for Making Tax Digital - the end of the annual tax return!Have you recovered yet from the stress of filling in that tax return before the deadline?   Well, it could soon be a thing of the past under the Government’s plans for Making Tax Digital!   It’s been over a month now since the annual January 31 deadline which saw thousands ..... Read more »

Plan Ahead To Avoid The January Tax Return Blues

Plan Ahead to Avoid the January Tax Return BluesWhy is January a time of dread for many people?   Because their New Year resolutions are starting to waver or Dry January is proving a chore, or even because the Christmas credit card bills are due?   More likely, it’s down to the January 31 deadline looming for sole traders to ..... Read more »

Business Expenses: Do You Know What To Claim For?

Business expenses: Do you know what to claim for?Is controlling your expenses threatening to become expensive for your business?   Do you know what you can claim for and what is not allowed - especially if you’re a sole trader trying to work out your tax return ahead of the January deadline?   The good news for small businesses..... Read more »

What Have Bookkeepers Ever Done For Us?!

What have bookkeepers ever done for us?!Are you thinking of starting up your own business, working for yourself rather than someone else? It’s an exciting prospect, and one that more and more people are considering with a shift away from traditional ‘job for life’ employment patterns. You don’t necessarily ..... Read more »

Self-Assessment: Don't Let It Become Too Taxing!

Self-Assessment: DonTax really can become taxing – especially if you work on your own or are the boss of a firm with only a few employees.   Filling in Self-Assessment forms can take up valuable time when you have a million and one other things to do which seem more important.   After all, the ..... Read more »

How Do You Manage Your Credit Control?

How Do You Manage Your Credit Control?As a small business, how do you manage your credit control and maintain a good cash flow?  Many of us struggle to find the time for this necessary task but it is vitally important to make sure your business stays in good health! Here are a few tips to help you:    1. ..... Read more »

Starting A New Business? What Is The Difference?

Starting a New Business? What is the difference?Are you starting out in business? Does the difference between sole traders, limited companies and partnerships confuse you? Here are some explanations that might help! 1.    Sole Trader If you start working for yourself you are a sole trader. As a sole trader you are ..... Read more »

Basic Tips To Keep Your Books Organised!

Basic tips to keep your books organised!Bookkeeping for small businesses and sole traders is not rocket science!  For the majority of people the task gets put off because their priority is running their business on a day-to-day basis. However, if left too long or ignored, it can become a headache, ..... Read more »

Time For An Organised Business!

Time for an organised business!We all know that in the day to day running of a business, getting the time to organise and keep on top of your accounts is very hard to find and if you are not careful, the reigns loosen and you find yourself in a mess. Once this happens, it can be a hard road to get ..... Read more »