Accountants! Adding A Division Of Labour Can Help Making Tax Digital

Accountants! Adding a division of labour can help Making Tax DigitalThe Making Tax Digital countdown clock is ticking fast – within months the first wave of businesses will need to be using this new online tax reporting system. It means a busy time for accountants as they get their clients ready – with the prospect of more regular contact with them...... Read more »

Discover The Bookkeeper's Superpowers!

Discover the BookkeeperYou’ve heard of Batman v Superman, Ironman v Captain America and Black Widow v Catwoman. Superheroes all with different super powers and abilities. But what about a couple of superheroes a bit closer to home, ones who can help small business in the day-to-day battle to survive, and then ..... Read more »

Who Can You Count On As Tax Goes Digital?

Who can you count on as Tax Goes Digital?Is your business ready for the Government’s Making Tax Digital initiative?   The proposals for a major reform of the tax system were first announced back in 2015, and the introduction of the first phase is now only just over seven months away.   This will affect companies who are..... Read more »

A Helping Hand With Your Cash Flow

A helping hand with your cash flowCash flow is king when it comes to running successful small and medium-sized businesses.   But it’s not always an easy thing to get to grips with when you’ve got dozens of other issues on your mind in a busy, fast-moving world.   Help can be at hand though through the ..... Read more »

Bookkeepers Can Nurse Your Accounts To A Healthy Conclusion!

Bookkeepers can nurse your accounts to a healthy conclusion!It’s one of the most daunting thoughts when you decide to set out in business on your own – you’re now responsible for sorting out your end of year accounts. After all, the taxman will want to know what you’ve been up to and how much you have earned, so he can take his ..... Read more »

Great News – You No Longer Need An Accountant!

Great news – you no longer need an accountant!Recent studies by Oxford University and Deloitte (2015) suggest that about 96% of what accounting firms currently do will - in the not-too-distant future - become automated.   96%!   Surely that means the accountant is soon to be redundant?   Why is that? In recent years ..... Read more »

Keeping Your Business Books Has Just Got Easier!

Keeping your business books has just got easier!Every business owner hates bookkeeping and paperwork! Unfortunately it has to be done.  And it has to be done in a prescribed format… otherwise the Tax Man will be on your back!    It’s also difficult.  That’s why there are bookkeeping exams.  ..... Read more »

Critical Business Information In Real Time!

Critical business information in real time!Every successful business has its finger on the pulse.   You need to know the key numbers.  Not the numbers in last year’s accounts; they’re out of date.  Redundant.   You need today’s numbers.   And that’s where your cloud accounting system ..... Read more »

Time Is Fast Running Out For UK Businesses!

Time is fast running out for UK businesses!Don’t you just love the UK Government?  UK businesses are just getting over the huge cost and upheaval from the Automatic Enrolment regime and now we have another one to deal with. You’ll love this. They call it ‘Making Tax Digital’. Of course we don’t yet know..... Read more »

Sole Traders: Registration Is The Name Of The Game!

Sole Traders: Registration is the name of the game!You’ve decided to join the ever-growing ranks of the self-employed and strike out on your own in a bid to earn your fame and fortune.   Or perhaps you just want to enjoy some job satisfaction doing what you’ve always wanted to do at your own pace.   But if you are starting ..... Read more »